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CB4500 Heavy duty leather sewing machine for Harness Makers and Saddle Makers

CowBoy CB4500 has become the standard in the saddle and harness industry. It has been widely used for stitching bullet loops, saddle skirts, headstalls, halters, breatstcollars, holsters, knife sheaths, chaps, knee pads, covered stirrups, gun belts, cases and other leather craft. The saddle and harness maker machine can also be used for topstitching leather sofas, fabric sofas, car seat covers, luggage, suitcases, heavy hand bags, heavy textile products, briefcases, and the like.

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How to oil your Cowboy CB4500

How to thread your Cowboy CB4500

How to adjust thread tension

This leather sewing machine has outstanding capability in feeding multi-layers of heavy materials due to its compound feed mechanism. The compound feed mechanism of this leather saddle sewing machine features a feed dog, walking foot, and needle feed that all work in unison to insure feeding of the most difficult materials with ease. It allows one to sew from 4 layers of 16 oz. harness leather down to thin chap material without needing to excessively adjust the sewing machine tensions. This leather stitching machine has a full reverse mechanism that is capable of sewing the same length stitch in forward and reverse.

The presser foot lift of CB4500 saddle stitcher and harness stitcher is up to 23mm (7/8’’) for smooth placement/removal of extra heavy materials. It is capable of sewing most materials up to a maximum sewable thickness of 3/4"-7/8".

Special flatbed tabletop attachment available that allows the cylinder arm sewing surface to be converted to a flat sewing surface to allow for better stitching with certain types of work.

12 inch Mega Flywheel of this saddle and harness sewing machine is to create more torque for very hard and rigid leather for saddle makers and harness makers. This flywheel is the largest flywheel of its kind.

A full array of attachments are available for this leather sewing machine such as speed reducer, left toe foot, right toe foot, double toe foot, fabric foot, material guide, as well as holster needle plates, flat slotted needle plates, and stirrup needle plates. Most needle plates and presser feet for the machine are made of solid investment cast stainless steel. Cowboy is the only maker of machines that offers solid stainless steel presser feet and needle plates.

All parts of this sewing machine are interchangeable with Juki TSC-441, and it is a good replacement machine of Durkopp Adler 205-370.

Here we like to introduce you the CowBoy CB4500 Special Edition, the Black Stallion standout in the herd of average machines. The gleaming black paint has been masterfully painted by a American hand. Each design is unique, each machine is different! Talk about a Show Stopper!

Most importantly, critical areas have been given a golden coating of Titanium Nitride, the super hard ceramic finish. Titanium Nitride coatings allow the parts to last up to 3 times longer than normal.

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