dot  CB3200 Leather sewing machine--saddle & harness stitcher

dot  CB4500 Cylinder bed leather sewing machine for saddlery

dot  CB227R Heavy duty cylinder bed leather sewing machine

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dot  CB0797 Walking foot upholstery sewing machine

dot  CB8810 Heavy duty post bed leather sewing machine

dot  Leather cutting, skiving and splitting machine

dot  Extra heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine

dot  Sewing parts and accessories for leather stitching machine

CB8810 Heavy duty post bed leather sewing machine

The Cowboy 8810 post bed machine is a high quality lockstitch single needle, needle feed machine with a positive feed roller presser foot and a semi-automatic lubrication system. The machine is designed to for stitching very light to medium heavy leathers, boot tops, shoes and upholstery fabrics where quality stitch formation is of the utmost importance. All bobbins, bobbin cases, hooks, needle plates and feed wheels are industry standard and interchangeable with readily available replacement spare parts.

Post style leather sewing machines are used by hat, shoe, moccassin, and boot makers world-wide. If you have a pair of cowboy boots with fancy stitched patterns on the uppers, they were likely sewn on a post machine. The Cowboy CB-8810 post machine, pictured here, is unique in that it uses a triple feed combination of gear-driven upper and lower rollers (see photo on left), plus a moving needle (needle feed). This system provides positive drive and control for any material being sewn. This triple drive guarantees constant stitch lengths, despite varying thicknesses or densities of leather being sewn.

The Cowboy CB-8810 post machine has 7 inch high post. It is capable of sewing up to 5/16" (20 ounces) of light to medium temper leather, with up to #138 bonded nylon or polyester thread.

Every new CB-8810 purchase comes complete with a powerful gear reduction servo motor, mounted on an adjustable height K-legs work stand, with standard wooden table. A flex-lamp, bobbin winder, heavy duty thread stand and accessory drawer is included. Also included are four bobbins and one pack of 10 needles (to match your preferred thread size).

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