Sewing parts, accessories for leather sewing machine Sewing parts and accessories for leather stitching machine

dot  CB3200 Leather sewing machine--saddle & harness stitcher

dot  CB4500 Cylinder bed leather sewing machine for saddlery

dot  CB227R Heavy duty cylinder bed leather sewing machine

dot  CB243 Extra heavy duty flat-bed leather sewing machine

dot  CB0797 Walking foot upholstery sewing machine

dot  CB8810 Heavy duty post bed leather sewing machine

dot  Leather cutting, skiving and splitting machine

dot  Extra heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine

dot  Sewing parts and accessories for leather stitching machine

Sewing parts and accessories for leather stitching machine

Since 1996 we have been a dedicated manufacturer of parts, attachments and accessories for heavy duty industrial sewing machines.

The production of precise and durable parts is mainly for use in our sewing machine manufacturing plant. In addition we offer replacement parts to worldwide sewing machine dealers and users of reliable heavy duty industrial sewing machines, like Durkopp Adler, Pfaff, Singer, Seiko, Mitsubishi, Juki, Union Special, Golden Wheel, New Long, Consew and MAMMUT (long arm quilting machines).

Choosing our replacement parts for your sewing machines will greatly save your money, such as needle, sewing thread, shuttle hook, rotary hook, needle plate, feed dog, needle gauge sets, presser foot, electronic motor (power saving servo-motor). As well as special sewing attachments, included sewing machine speed reducer, flatbed work platform, left toe foot, right toe foot, double toe foot, fabric foot, material guide, holster needle plates, flat slotted needle plates and stirrup needle plates.

And the special sewing attachments and devices will also dramatically increase the productivity of your sewing machines, and ensure excellent stitch quality for any individual sewing task.

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