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FIBC Big Bag sewing machines

Model 731: heavy duty lockstitch sewing machine equipped with barrel shuttle hook, ideal for sewing thick container bags.
Model 7132UL-16K: long arm lockstitch machine with large rotary hook for universal use in manufacturing o thick bulk bag, jumbo bag, PP woven bag, PE tarpaulin, net bags, and many other FIBC products.
Model 728-20: double needle lockstitch machine sews with thick thread, great labor saver for Big Bag manufacturers.
Model 80700CD: double chain stitch, two needles four threads, with lower and upper feed for producing side and bottom seams with two separate rows of stitches and filler cord for the left needle. Interchangeable with Union Special 80700CD, 80700CD4 and 80700CD5.
Model 81300A: exact replica of Union Special 81300A and 81300A1H, two needles, four threads safety stitch machinery for very heavy bag fabrics with lower and upper feed. Overall seam width 15 mm.
Model 2200: the heavy-duty bag closer combines upper and lower feed for better gripping on both sides of the bag and accommodates all types of bag material, including geosynthetic material. 
Model DN-2HS/-2W: this class is practical economic solutions for chemical factories, sugar factories, food processing factories, cements factories and the like. The maximum output is up to 30000 woven bags.
Model DR-3A/-3B:one needle, two thread, plain feed for seaming heavyweight jute or burlap bags.
Model HR-2A: overedging machine for overseaming on medium to heavy weight jute and burlap bags.
Model DS-2II/DS-6AC:used in conjunction with a line of bag closing columns and offer a complete choice of high production equipment that will meet your needs today and into the future.
Model DS-9C: the latest in bag closing technology, available for both plain sewn and crepe-tape bound closure.
Model 75008: Automatic pattern tacking machine for stitching Big Bag handles to obtain extra safety and durability on the seam (thick thread).

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