Importer and Distributor in Australia
Cowboy Leather Sewing Machines Co.
Contact: Steve Bonnett & Elly
126 Booloongie Road, Gooburrum, Queensland, Australia
Tel:0419 393750

Cowboy is the most recognised brand name in the world of Saddlery and leather sewing and Cowboy Leather Machines and associated brands are proud to be the sole Australian importer of this great product range. We keep Australia’s biggest range of machines in stock and can also import - and support - any of the extended range shown on the website. If you have any enquiries call Elly or Steve Bonnett on 0419 393750 or email

We mainly sell below heavy duty industrial sewing machine in Australia:

CB4500 Heavy duty leather sewing machine for saddlery and harness -- Sews saddle and harness better than any other stitcher built today!
CB3200 Heavy Leather Sewing Machine for Saddle and Harness
CowBoy OUTLAW Manual leather sewing machine for sheaths, holster and leather crafts
CB105 Heavy Duty cylinder bed simple and inexpensive leather sewing machine with reverse stitch
CB341 Medium to heavy duty cylinder bed compound feed leather sewing machine for handbags, shoes, belts, carpets and leather crafts
227R Medium weight walking foot cylinder arm leather sewing machine
7618 Heavy duty compound feed walking foot leather and upholstery sewing machine
7132UL-16 Heavy duty long arm canvas sewing machine
7273ECO Super heavy duty walking foot sewing machine for synthetic slings, straps, belts, harnesses and webbing
9518-30 Long arm zigzag sail sewing machine for spinnakers and windsurf sail
366-76-12-HM long arm heavy duty zigzag sail making sewing machine
71008R Heavy duty automatic rope sewing machine

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