CB808 Best leather strap cutting machine for hand-crafted

leather belts, bridles, leather laces, bags, collars & leashes

8116 hand crank leather splitting machine

Your advantages:

1. This portable leather strap cutting machine with belt press is designed for precision cutting of leather into even strips;

2. Leather of any length may be fed into the machine and cut up to 10oz (4mm) 5/32 thickness with adjustable cutting width from 1/8" to 5" wide;

3. This motorized strap cutter fits perfectly on any benchtop and in any workshop;

4. The industrial strip cutting machine makes even strips, and can cut several strips at a time, which can be used for the production of belts, horse tack, footwear, bags, pet collars & leashes etc.;

5. Machine supplied with switch for reverse rotation, foot pedal for regulating the speed;

6. This rotary strap cutter can perform precision cutting of various materials include leather, artificial leather, vinyl, rubber, etc.;

7. On the right side of the machine, a pressing (squeezing) mechanism is provided, with the help of which it is possible to squeeze the glued strips;

8. An economical alternative to cutting by hand.


It can be used for cutting leather for leather belts, bridles and reins, leather laces, sheath, holsters, handbags, watch strap, leather dog collars and leashes, various leather products and more


Machine speed :

Stepless adjustable

Max. cutting thickness :


Strap cutting width:


Rotary blade size :

Dia. 50x Dia.16x1mm



Cutting material:

leather, artificial leather, vinyl, rubber, etc.

Packing size:

540x300x37.5mm, G.W: 20.4 KGS

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