CB 809 Best sale leather paring machine / leather skiver

for bookbinding and leather crafting

809 leather paring machine

Your advantages:

1. The CB809 is a hand tool for paring leather in book binding and leather craftsmanship. It works on soft, medium and hard skins;

2. The leather paring machine has a large throat area to accommodate the pared leather when preparing larger pieces for full leather bindings;

3. Edge-paring and corners are a breeze to undertake and because it is very precise, preparing onlays and inlays become easy tasks;

4. It uses standard double-edged razor blades and can be precisely adjusted for paring thickness and for shallow angles so that an even thickness or a taper can be pared;

5. The Cowboy 809 leather paring device is based on a tried and true design and is simple to set up and operate;

6. The leather paring device is provided with 3 roller-cylinders of different widths - 4, 8 and 12mm to make it capable of paring even narrow pieces.


It is an invaluable tool for quickly preparing inlays, onlays, labels and any thin leather pieces for repairs or half and quarter bindings for books;
It is also an ideal machine for leather paring on bags, checkbook covers, portfolio covers, leather dog collar, wallets and small leather bags.


Length of blade:


Optimal splitting width:

10mm - 40mm

Minimum skiving thicknes:


Leather type:

soft, medium and hard leather

Packing size:

220x220x110mm, G.W: 1.25 KGS

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