CB 810 Leather Burnishing Machine for Leather Working & Leather Craft

--- Affordable leather burnishing machine for any leather shop

810 leather burnishing machine

Your advantages:

1. This variable speed leather burnishing machine is great for trueing up edges, or slicking and burnishing edges, the variable speed motor allows you to slow the machine to a speed that won’t cause to much friction and burn your leather;

2. Perfect for finishing all of your products with a professional look;

3. It takes hours away from having to hand rub all your edges;

4. This leather burnisher is suitable for all weights of vegetable tanned leather products;

5. This leather edge burnishing machine is very easy to operate;

6. Use the sanding sleeves to shave and shape then burnish them to a slick finish with the hardwood wheel;

7. Standard supply with two leather polishing wheels to strop all your hand tools from knives to edge bevelers.


Leather belt strap, leather bags, gun holsters, knife sheaths, leather harness, saddles, custom handbags, horse tack, bridles, bracelets, wallets, costumes, beauty cases, makeup case, phone case, car key cover and other leather accessories



AC110V/60Hz or (220-240V AC - 50Hz)




0-8000RPM adjustable


included 1 x Host, 1 x Rosewood Special Grinding Head, 1 x Belt Pulley, 4 x Abrasive Belt, 2 x Connecting Rod, 2 x Carbon Brush,1 x Polishing Wheel Fixture, 2 x Wrench,4 x Gasket

Packing size:

320x180x180mm, G.W: 4 KGS

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