8700PRO Leather belt hot embossing machine with heated roller

---Hot embosser penetrates deeper impressions + shinyness "patina"

Leather belt hot embossing machine

Your advantages:

1. The hot embosser penetrates deeper into the leather, leaves a crisper more defined imprint, and also leaves the leather shiny where the die touches the leather. People call the shinyness "patina". Patina most resembles the marks done by hand tooling and carving the leather;

2. This leather belt hot embossing machine is an invaluable tool for use in any leatherworkers shop: emboss, crease, and cut leather with the simple to use hand crank;

3. Using commonly available dies made widely available in leather industry, any belt or strap can be embossed using this handy bench tool;

4. This leather heated roller embossing machine offers a variable speed feed design that allows the user to regulate how quickly the belts pass through the machine;

5. This leather strap embossing machine allows the user to control the depth and clarity of the embossing pattern to suit both the type of leather and the pattern is embossed;

6. It is offered at a cost of about half that of industrial leather roller embossing machines available today;

7. We can make for custom leather embossing rolls by any quantity according to your design click here for roller's patterns / designs.


Handmade leather belt, custom leather straps, personalized leather collar


Size of embossing rolls:

Outer Dia.:38mm, inner Dia: 25.5mm, Length: 30mm, Keyway:5(depth)x3(width)mm

Material of embossing rolls:

High quality brass

Leather type:

Vegetable Tanned Leather and Veg Tan Hides (NOT for soft upholstery leather)

Packing size:

190x430x280 mm, G.W: 14 KGS

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