2024: Buy a factory in Ohio, USA

2022: Start to produce Kinedyne serial powerful servo motor for heavy duty industrial sewing machine

2020: Buy a new factory premises to cope with increasing demands

2010: Upgrade business to HIGHTEX SPECIAL SEWING MACHINE CO.,LTD, star to produce heavy duty industrial sewing machine, leather craft equipment and heavy duty automatic programmable sewing machine

2008: Star to produce heavy duty automatic & programmable sewing machines and hot knife cutting equipment for other heavy weight applications, for example, lifting & lashing equipment, FIBC/Big Bags, safety harness and climbing ropes, upholstered furniture, as well as military industry

2008: Establish Sino-American joint-venture business “COWBOYCOMPANY”, train technical team for rebuilding leather sewing machine and automatic sewing equipment in China.

2004: Start to import heavy duty industrial leather sewing machines from China

2001: Start to resale industrial sewing machines and support equipment for the leather and heavy material industries, become the factory-authorized distributor of Consew, Tacony™ Corporation, Superior™ Sewing Machine Parts, Diamond Needle Corporation, Organ Needles, Groz Beckert Needles, Southern Thread™ and Linhanyl Thread

1996: Founding of the Neel's Saddlery and Harness workshop – use several industrial sewing machines and leather crafting equipment for stitching saddles, harness, leather belts, hand bags etc. This hands-on experience is the foundation stone of success in CowBoy / Hightex sewing machine business.

Choosing a right supplier is the key to success!

Since 2006, our company is one of the first to begin its activities in the development and production of heavy duty industrial sewing machines & cutting equipment for leather and technical textiles. Over the years, the company has accumulated vast experience in the field of sales and service of professional equipment for heavy materials. Today our company offers comprehensive solutions for textile slings, upholstered furniture, leather goods, safety equipment and other companies related to industrial sewing equipment.

We try to adhere to four basic principles in working with our clients.

1. Honesty and trust
We win the recognition of customers not only by our good reputation, but also by the fact that we always strive to fulfill our obligations. Customer trust is our main asset. We believe that only honesty in relationships with customers is the basis for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

2. The buyer's interests come first
Our company perceives customers as its business partners. We always strive to pay attention to the needs of customers, try to create benefits and advantages for them, and develop and improve our long-term partnerships.

3. Quality of service and compliance
Striving to satisfy customers with the level of service, the company remains invariably self-critical in the field of customer service and operational management. Regardless of whether you are a regular customer or a new customer, our company adheres to the principles of equal value and friendliness.

4. Customized solution
If you, as a manufacturer of sewing leather and technical textiles, are in search of new high-performance sewing equipment, we suggest you seek help from our company’s specialists, who will help you make the right choice and offer sewing equipment that will improve the efficiency of sewing production.

Choosing the right supplier is the key to success!!

The demand for heavy duty industrial sewing machines is steadily growing in the global market. However, those companies that are involved in promoting this complex equipment in the regions are constantly faced with a whole range of problems, which they can successfully solve only if they have chosen the right distributor. For regional companies aimed at serious and long-term work in the industrial sewing equipment market, the reliability of the supply chain, technical and service support, advertising and information support, and prompt assistance in critical situations play a huge role.

We are a reliable partner for regional companies
Our company is well versed in the problems that regional companies face. Therefore, we can offer our partners such working conditions that will be truly attractive and profitable for them. An indicator of the success of our policy in the field of working with dealers is the constantly growing dealer network, the support of which we pay great attention to.

Why working with us is profitable
We offer our dealers, first of all, favorable prices for the entire range of goods. We always have a wide selection of products in stock at our warehouse. Dealers have the opportunity to take part in regular marketing promotions and take advantage of special offers that provide an additional increase in sales volumes.

Information support
Our dealers are guaranteed comprehensive information and advertising support. Our website contains constantly updated information about products. We are ready to provide dealers with the advertising materials we have, as well as provide assistance in choosing equipment and convincing the client.

It is qualified employees who are the key to the success of your work in the market of equipment for sewing production. A person who thoroughly knows the most interesting consumer qualities and properties of equipment will easily find a common language with a potential buyer. A short training course, during which we will tell your employees about all the features of the sewing equipment we sell, will help your business develop more and more quickly!

How to become our dealer.
We do not impose any special requirements on our partners; anyone who wants to work and earn money can cooperate with us, and this can be either a legal entity or an individual. Any market participant involved in the sale of sewing equipment or related goods and services can become a dealer. specifics.

If you want to become our partner, take the first step towards fruitful and successful cooperation right now!

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