BIG BAG - container bags production consulting

How does Big Bag Production work?

Production consultation, technology consultation, development consultation and process optimization. We have expert knowledge in all areas of BIG BAG - container bags production, including: development, knitting, weaving, cutting, sewing and logistics. All our consultants have shoe consulting areas of expertise, such as Software – CAD -, cutting room & dieless cutting, stitching room, finishing room, work studies and method.

Cooperating with us at FIBC/Big Bags Consulting:

1. You must fill out a questionnaire survey, and after receiving this, we’ll report back to you with our first opinion.

2. Analysis of the circumstances.

3. On-site visit for data capture based on a systematic assessment – evaluation of the current state.

4. Conception of different potential solutions with budgeting.

5. Selection of the optimal solutions, implementation and training of the employees.

Big bags production line

The BIG BAG - container bags Consulting process:

First the customer fills in the questionnaire, or contacts us by email. So we know if the customer wants a full consultancy for the whole factory, or for just a few segments (like in the cutting room or sewing segment). Based on the requirement and information given, we know which consultants we should send to the factory.

What can we do for your FIBC/Big Bags Production?

The keys to Shoe production:

The concerned parties – employees – must be integrated in the process:

1.Understanding and acceptance, create motivation.

2.Seek advice, work as a team.

3.Together define reasonable and useful steps, practice-orientated and economical thinking.

4.Problems and solutions need to be practical and feasible.

5.Concrete situations require concrete action-solutions.

Change in BIG BAG - container bags Production must be wanted

New ideas, inspirations & concepts for your company.

Competence and longstanding expertise.

Integration of the latest technology and analyzing techniques.

Holistic approach at all stages.

Excellent network and contacts among leading technology process providers and contacts among machinery manufacturers and sellers.

Experienced thinking and acting.

Reliable and trustworthy partner.

container bags production line

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