Heavy duty cylinder bed sewing machines

dot  Heavy duty thick thread flat sewing machine

dot FIBC bulk bags making machines

dot  Heavy duty zigzag sail making machines

dot  Long arm heavy duty sewing machines

dot  Heavy post bed thick thread sewing machine

dot  Heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine

dot  Cutting machines for slings/ropes and leather

dot  Spare parts and special sewing accessories

dot  Hot air welding machine & ultrasonic welder

dot  Custom sewing units and sewing automation

dot  Special sewing machines for shoes factory

The world of special sewing machines

for heavy materials and thick thread

Hightex Partner Concept (CPC)

The Hightex Partner Concept (CPC) gives customers the
assurance of a highly productive sewing machine for the
first seven years of operation with calculable operating
costs. From cargo transportation to maintenance and spare
parts service, all eventualities are covered by a single contract.


The sewing, cutting & welding technologies for heavy materials and thick thread

The latest methodologies for maximizing efficiencies and controlling labor costs


Need to expand your production and maximize profits?
Need custom machine for your special sewing requirements?
What sewing machine can work best for your project?

If you have questions, we have answers.

If you are tired of machine breakdowns and lost production time,
let us help!

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