dot  Leather sewing machine for saddlery

dot  Heavy zigzag sail making sewing machines

dot  Big Bag/Container Bag sewing machines

dot  Slings, harness and rope sewing machines

dot  Automatic buffing wheels sewing machines

dot  Sewing machines for carpets, rugs & mats

dot  Thick thread upholstery sewing machines

dot  Industrial rope netting sewing machines

dot  Sewing machines for parachute and tents
HIGHTEX and CowBoy industrial sewing machines are used in a wide range of heavy-weight applications.
The most important of them you find below.

Saddle & harness Sail making & repairing Big Bag / Container bag
Slings, harness and ropes Buffing wheels Carpets, rugs & mats
Leather and upholstery Rope netting sewing Parachute and tents

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