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Net sewing machines

Nets joining solutions With many years of working closely together with worldwide nets manufacturers, we developed a line of industrial sewing machines that attach rope to netting, serges nets, and joins nets together.

These sewing technologies are particular for the manufacturing of fishing nets, military cargo nets, sport nets, fall arrest safety nets, cargo mesh, climbing nets, agricultural nets, barrier nets and other custom made netting solutions.

74420: The double needle compound feed sewing machine can meet all straight two needle sewing needs in the manufacturing of nets. With synchronised pneumatic puller that feeds the material forward only when the needle has exited the netting, thus making sewing easier. Stitch hem with polyester webbing reinforcement, eyelets and attachment rope.

HR-4N: This net overedging sewing machine is used for all seams of medium thickness from 3 to 10/12 mm, for example the edge of both single and double, knotted and unknotted netting, and the edge of netting and rope (around max 8/10 mm.)etc. This machine can replace Newlong HR-4N.

9517ZNP: Specialized zigzag machine with automatic needle positioning servomotor and puller feeding sysetm. Works as bar tacking machine for joining Raschel nets or reforcement stitching mesh knot.

9204ZZP: Extra heavy duty industrial zigzag sewing machine with automatic foot lift and pneumatic puller for attaching reforced rope in the middle of nets.

81500CZ: This single needle three thread overedging sewing machine is perfect for attaching thick ropes to net borders. It is designed to satisfy the increasing demand for machines that sew thicker nets (rope inserts up to 20 mm in diameter). This machine can replace Union Special 81500CZ3374A and Union Special 81500CZ3374B.

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