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CB3200 Best price heavy duty leather sewing machine for stitching saddle and harness

The lowest cost heavy-duty compound feed walking foot machine for sewing saddles and harness available on the market today. The inexpensive leather sewing machine features a triple feed mechanism with walking foot, needle feed, and feed dog.This leather stitching machine will sew most materials to about a 5/8" thickness, using very thick sewing thread (#7, V415, 1300dX3). A full array of special sewing equipment are available for high productivity and perfect seam quality.

It is good choice for some small Tanzania harness and saddlery factories who look for cheap leather sewing machine.

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CB3500 Heavy duty triple feed leather sewing machine for saddlery, shoes maker and car carpet binding

This leather stitching machine is the short version of CB4500, but the compact design with some unique features, for example: the extra needle penetration force is better for stitching rigid and synthetic material such as rubber shoe bottoms; The short arm is a good way to facilitate and improve sewing detail on small product such as leather belts, holsters and knife sheaths. If you are car floor mats manufacturer in Tanzania, and look for carpet edge binding machine, CB3500 with heavy duty binding attachment is the excellent equipment. The space-saving design is convenient to not only Tanzania leather craft - handmade leather workshop, but also large manufacturers of leather goods and car carpet in Tanzania.

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Juki TSC-441

CB4500 The best heavy duty leather stitching machine for saddlery manufacturers in Tanzania

The Cowboy CB4500 is our number one selling heavy duty saddle sewing machine in American leather industry. The compound feed mechanism of this leather saddle sewing machine features a feed dog, walking foot, and needle feed that all work in unison to insure feeding of the most difficult materials with ease. The leather sewing machine features an extra large barrel style shuttle hook which is the same hook used in the Durkopp Adler 205-370 and Juki TSC-441. A full array of special sewing attachments are available for the manufacturers of saddlery & other Equestrian products in Tanzania.

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Weaver leather 205

205-370 Top quality heavy duty leather sewing machine for saddlery and leather sofa manufacturers in Tanzania

The 205 class walking foot sewing machine with large Barrel shuttle has been specially designed for processing the extreme thick sewing thread and heavy weight materials; Excellent climbing properties and high needle penetration power guarantee easy sewing thick spots or overlapping cross seams, without skipped stitch, loosing bottom thread and shorten stitch length; Up to 14 mm long stitches for decorative topstitching seams; A full array of special sewing equipment are available for high productivity and perfect seam quality in the manufacturing of western saddles and leather sofas (for thick thread decorative seams.

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CB105 The cheap leather stitching machine in Tanzania

Very cheap, this machine is the lowest cost one in the range of heavy duty leather sewing machines; With Singer 45K and Adler 105 type Barrel Shuttle Hook, which can sew with very thick thread; Strong needle penetration force is capable of sewing up to 7/16" of saddle leather, with up to #346 bonded nylon or polyester thread, as well as a variety of materials such as vinyl, canvas, synthetics, heavy webbing and more; Roller presser foot, leather sewing foot and speed reducer are available for leather work; Improved with reverse stitch; Very easy to use. This cheap leather sewing machine is recommended for the beginner of leather, we do not recommend to any professional leather goods manufacturers in Tanzania.

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CB 6900 leather bag sewing machine

CB6900 The Best leather bags sewing machine in Tanzania

The newly developed mode of highly rigid rectangular feed guarantees outstanding feed performance. The ratio between the alternating vertical movements of the walking foot and presser foot remains unchanged even when the material thickness changes; Heavy-duty compound feed sewing machine; Large hook for thick threads and heavy-duty materials; 2.5-7.0 mm top feed lift allows easy sewing even at cross-seams; Compared with the elliptical feed, the rectangular feed helps reduce gathered stitches; Cylinder arm diameter 72 mm; A full array of special sewing equipment are available for high productivity and perfect seam quality, recommend for the manufacturers of handbags, shoes, belts, carpets, furniture upholstery and leather crafts in Tanzania.

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7335 Cylinder-bed unison feed leather sewing machine for industry and handmade leather goods

A heavy duty triple feeding action by way of: bottom feed, needle bar feed and alternating walking foot top feed, which combine together to produce high quality displacement-free seams; The versatile narrow cylinder free-arm design guarantees improved material handling on three-dimensional items like: bags, gloves, shoes, straps, filters and other such items which cannot be sewn on a standard flat bed machine; Attachment and extras for many further operations comprise, e.g.: welting operations, zipper operations, binding operations, detailed sewing work with speed reducer. General sewing work on voluminous workpieces with device for binding the edges.

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CB227R Medium weight walking foot cylinder arm leather sewing machine at best price in Tanzania

This leather sewing machine is capable of sewing up to 3/8" of leather, webbing, or denim, with up to #207 bonded nylon or polyester thread; The machine uses the same multitudinous and inexpensive needles and presser feet as the Singer 111w155 walking foot machine. The throat cover plate is cut off close to the left end of the arm, allowing you to sew gussets and other projects that have narrow flanges (with narrow feet), prerfect for leather handbags, wallets, saddle bags, concealed gun holsters, small harnesses. The positive compound feed is performed by a combination of a bottom feed dog, timed with a moving needle and moving inside presser foot.

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