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dot  Large Barrel Shuttle Hook

dot  Rotary hook & bobbin case

dot   Sewing machine needle

dot   Sewing Presser Feet

dot  Needle Plate/Throat Plate

dot  Feed Dog (leather/fabrics)

dot  Loopers (chain stitch)

dot  Double Needle Gauge Set

dot  Sewing Machine Servo Motor

dot  Other Sewing Machine Parts

dot  Special Sewing Attachments

dot  Heavy Sewing Machine Stand

We offer spare parts and replacement parts for Union Special and Newlong Bag Making machines listed as below, including loopers, throat plate, feed dog, presser feet, sewing needle, special sewing equipment, as well as other wear and tear parts that should be replaced regularly.

Union Special 81300 Bag making machine
Union Special 81200A Bag making machine
Union Special 81500CZ three thread overedging sewing machine for attaching ropes to net
Union Special 80700CD Bag making machine
Union Special 2200 Potable bag closing machine
Newlong DN-2HS Bag closing machine
Newlong DN-2W Twin-seam bag sewing machine
Newlong DD-5 bag mending machine
Newlong DHR-6 Combined Chain Stitch / Overedge Stitch, 2 Needle, Plain Feed with Upper Feed, 4 Thread Safety Stitch Machine
Newlong DR-7UW Two Needle, Plain Feed with Upper Feed, Flat Bed, Four Thread Chain Stitch Machine
Newlong DR-3A Single Needle Machine, Plain Feed, Flat Bed, Double Thread Chain Stitch
New Long HR-2A Bag Overedging Machine, Single Needle, Flat Bed, Plain Feed, Double Thread
Newlong HR-4A Plain feed, 3 thread heavy duty machine for over edging carpets, rugs
Newlong HR-4 B carpet overedging machine
Newlong HR-4N Net sewing machine

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