The world of spare parts & special attachments
for heavy duty industrial sewing machines

dot  Large Barrel Shuttle Hook

dot  Rotary hook & bobbin case

dot   Sewing machine needle

dot   Sewing Presser Feet

dot  Needle Plate/Throat Plate

dot  Feed Dog (leather/fabrics)

dot  Loopers (chain stitch)

dot  Double Needle Gauge Set

dot  Sewing Machine Servo Motor

dot  Other Sewing Machine Parts

dot  Special Sewing Attachments

dot  Heavy Sewing Machine Stand
Mitsubishi LU2-4420-BOB Needle Gauge
for Mitsubishi LU2-4420-BOB
Post bed double needle gauge set
for Hightex 768-273 post bed machine
Double Needle Rotary Needle Bar
for Durkopp Adler 204-102 MD, Global OS 7706
Global OS 7707, Consew 2040-DSM
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