The world of spare parts & special attachments
for heavy duty industrial sewing machines

dot  Large Barrel Shuttle Hook

dot  Rotary hook & bobbin case

dot   Sewing machine needle

dot   Sewing Presser Feet

dot  Needle Plate/Throat Plate

dot  Feed Dog (leather/fabrics)

dot  Loopers (chain stitch)

dot  Double Needle Gauge Set

dot  Sewing Machine Servo Motor

dot  Other Sewing Machine Parts

dot  Special Sewing Attachments

dot  Heavy Sewing Machine Stand

Since 1996 we have been a dedicated manufacturer of parts, attachments and accessories for heavy duty industrial sewing machines.

The production of precise and durable parts is mainly for use in our sewing machine manufacturing plant. In addition we offer replacement parts to worldwide sewing machine dealers and users of reliable heavy duty industrial sewing machines, like Durkopp Adler.

This catalog has been prepared to guide you in choosing common replacement parts, special sewing attachments and devices for your heavy duty industrial sewing machines, including Durkopp Adler, Seiko, JUKI, Pfaff, Mitsubishi, Union Special, Golden Wheel, Consew ,Global and MAMMUT.

Choosing our replacement parts for your sewing machines will greatly save your money!

And the special sewing attachments and devices will also dramatically increase the productivity of your sewing machines, and ensure excellent stitch quality for any individual sewing task.

Large Barrel Shuttle Hook Rotary hook & bobbin case Sewing machine needle
Sewing Presser Feet Needle Plate/Throat Plate Feed Dog (leather/fabrics)
Loopers (chain stitch) Double Needle Gauge Set Sewing Machine Servo Motor
Other Sewing Machine Parts Special Sewing Attachments Heavy Sewing Machine Stand

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