dot  Leather crafts & saddlery sewing machine

dot  Heavy zigzag sail making sewing machine

dot  FIBC making and Big Bag sewing machine

dot  Lifting slings cutting and sewing machines

dot  Climbing ropes and cords sewing machine

dot  Automated sewing units for military gears

dot  Thick thread leather sofa sewing machine

dot  Sewing machine for making leather bags

dot  Car upholstery decorative stitching machine

dot  Height safety harness sewing machines

dot  Lashing strap cutting & sewing machines

dot  Tents, parachutes & inflatables equipment

dot  Leather belts manufacturing machines

dot  Machine for sewing dog collars & leashes

dot  Specialized machine for other heavy fabrics

A key advantage for our company is professional experience in the field of heavy materials and thick thread. We are clear that our success depends on the success of our clients. We know that each company has its specific needs,so we work with personalized solutions, seeking to identify and meet the demand of each client. It is in this way that HighTex has earned the trust of important companies.

HighTex also manufacture machinery for sewing other thick materials, with customized machines according to the needs of each client. And in our desire to improve and innovate, we do not stop developing techniques for heavy duty sewing, with constant activity in technology for sewing thick materials that makes us have a deep knowledge in heavy industries activity with an exhaustive and permanent training updated of the technological evolution for the manufacture of thick fabrics.

MLK200-3020SG Automatic safety gloves sewing machine for stitching the rubber TPR on back palm of gloves
It is custom made automatic sewing machine for stitching the rubber TPR on back palm of gloves. One worker can operate 2 automatic safety glove sewing machine at same time, great for labor saving!!! No need to hold the protecting rubber TPR by hand during the sewing operation, working at Absolute Safety!!
Click here for video on YouTube

81500CZ 1 needle 3 threads overedging sewing machine for attaching ropes to net wtih twin puller
This single needle three thread overedging sewing machine is perfect for attaching thick ropes to net borders. It is designed to satisfy the increasing demand for machines that sew thicker nets (rope inserts up to 20 mm in diameter). This machine can replace Union Special 81500CZ3374A and Union Special 81500CZ3374B.
Click here for DEMO video

430FX Heavy duty bar tacking sewing machine for joining ropes in the manufacturing safety nets and sports nets
High speed automatic safety nets sewing machine to stitch lateral half mesh of knotless nets, ideal for the manufacturing of safety nets and special nets for a variety of applications including cargo handling, debris, hoisting, climbing, and fall protection.
Click here for DEMO video

MLK500-2516N Automatic webbing cargo nets sewing machine
The biggest advantage of this custom made cargo netting sewing machine is the large space behind needle, that allow you to fold large size of webbing cargo nets during the sewing.
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MLK500-2516ECO Heavy duty programmable pattern sewing machine for bar-tacking seams on screamers (shock absorbing sling)
This automatic shock absorbing sling (screamers) sewing machine features in 3 times large bobbin capacity that allow you to use very thick sewing thread.
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9204ZZ Heavy duty walking foot Zig Zag sewing machine for carpets, rugs and floor mats
The Zig-Zag Width (up to 16 mm) is bigger than any other industrial zigzag sewing machine built today,ideal for assembling (jointing) 2 pieces of carpets together by stitching. Powerful walking foot mechanism insures the smooth feeding of hard-to-feed materials or multi-layered sections of materials to achieve consistent seam quality that is free from irregular stitch pitches.
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205-370BH Heavy duty triple feed sewing machine with synchronized binder for rug and carpet binding
It is vibrating binder attachment and due to this feature, a beautiful tape binding finish for heavy materials or elastic tape can smoothly and easily be performed. The Adler 205 type large Barrel shuttle hook on this industrial sewing machine is designed for sewing heavy weight materials & thick sewing threads.
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