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801 Leather skiving machine
802 Top and bottom feed skiving machine

Bevelling the edges of workpieces of any shapes and sizes for the purpose of joining the pieces perfectly (without thickening of the material at the joints) by means of vulcanization or adhesion. Also, making grooves to facilitate the folding of edges of elastic or certain rigid materials.

Applications: saddle makers, harness makers, leather craftsman, shoe makers, belts manufacturer, luggage manufacturer, handbag manufacturer, tire manufacturer, automotive upholsterer, furniture upholsterer, carpet manufacturer.



818 Strap cutting machine

Quick change blade system (blades on top shaft) that allows the operator to change cutting widths.

Application: saddle makers, harness makers and leather craftsman for strap goods such as belts, reins, halters, headstalls, bridles, and the like.


828A Heavy duty length cutting machine for lifting slings and tie down straps
828B Heavy duty industrial synthetic fiber ropes cutting machine (hot cutting)
828C Narrow fabrics cutting machine for fire & rescue belts and harness (hot cutting)

Features: Universal length cutting machine for medium to extra heavy weight belts and ropes; Burned type cutting system is special design for cutting extremely thick synthetic webbing slings and ropes; Cut and seal the material in same time due to the hot cutting system; Top and bottom feed mechanism ensures precise cutting length; Pneumatic presser and lift; Easy to operate.

Applications: synthetic web slings and tie downs, polyester round slings, synthetic webbing, fibers, safety belts, military webbing, hoists, textile slings, climbing ropes, industrial ropes and other synthetic fiber ropes, fire rescue ropes, firefighter escape belts, fire rescue ladder belts and other fire retardant fabrics.


Cutting width

Cutting thickness

Cutting length

Hot cutting type



150 mm



Top hot knife 






Top hot knife



150 mm



Top & bottom



8116 Hand crank leather splitter

This hand driven splitting machine is an amazing asset to any shoe repair or leather work shop; With a convenient hand crank design; Ready to mount on your workbench. With an adjustment lever to accommodate almost any leather thickness (3 oz. - 14 oz.); Roller bearings provide long life and dependability.

Applications: designed for the shoe industry and splits very thick Chrome tanned / Veg Tan leather, shoe soles, saddle, harness, belts, leather bags etc. This machine was not manufactured to split thin garment leathers and is not effective for thin leather



800 Leather skiver

Features: Economically-priced skiver is great for lap and level skiving; 6” precision ground blade; Handle adjustment for quick and easy lap skiving; Adjustable stop can be set for repeated level skiving; Stainless steel old down bar for even skives.

Application: saddle makers, harness makers, belts makers and leather craftsman


8901 Hot knife cutter

This hand-held, hot knife cutter is an intermittent operating tool. The blade temperature can be up to 500 degree Celsius in seconds. Fast, smooth and clean cuts. Cuts and seals materials in same time.

Applications: canvas sails, awnings, fabric filter, polyester lifting slings & cargo lashing strap (Ratchet Tie Down), safety belts & harness, military belts, fiber slings, crane slings, industrial webbing, sterling rope, cord, climbing ropes


Max. Speed 

Knife size

Cutting width



10 m/min



1/2HP,4P clutch


470 mm/s



1/3HP,4P clutch


8905 Rope cutting machine

This type thermal cutting machine is possible to cut synthetic fabric, such as belts, bands and ropes to length.

An electric heated blade separates, in one phase of operation, the material by heat and seals the cut edges to avoid fringing of the cut edge.

Applications: lifting slings & rigging products, safety belts, military webbing, crane slings, hoists, safety harness, textile slings, lanyards, synthetic fiber mooring rope, braid ropes, safety rope